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embracing autumn

the embracing autimn package is on sale for $359. It includes once a week of acupuncture and yoga/medition session based on your body type, for three weeks. It's perfect for people who have been exhausted from the summer busy schedule. Its also ideal for who may be suffering from winter seasonal depression as a preventitive treatment.


summer detox

The summer cleansing package is on sale for $499 til 8/31/12. The package includes 4 sessions of acupuncture treatments and herbal tea for detoxing based on your body type ro reach the best result!


free workshop


imgYuPing Wu

B.A., L.AC., Dipl.O.M., clinic director

specialize in:
female hormonal issues
pediatric pain-free acupuncture
male/femle fertility

"To be a practitioner, you need a good skill, but to be a excellent practitioner, you need a good heart”

I am a firm believer of body and mind connection. In my practice, I collaborate yoga, meditation, and other relaxation techniques with my acupuncture treatments. Often the physical illness will be healed if we address it from the emotional level as well.

In my 8 years of clinical experience, I think that collaborating with physicians-integrated medicine-is very benificial for patinets health. I combine yoga, meditation, and other relaxation techniques in conjunction with acupuncture treatments so I can get to the root of the problems, and patients can truly heal.

Grew up in Taiwan, and being raised by parents who believe in natural medicine, Chinese herbal medicine has been part of my life since I was a child. When I was in my freshman year of college, I had the honor to intern with a well known Gynecological Chinese medicine/acupuncture practitioner in Taipei, Taiwan. He opened my eyes further to the world of acupuncture, and he also showed me the depth and power of Chinese herbal medicine.

The work experience afterwards brought more exciting news to me. I started working with an MD in a holistic medicine clinic in Chicago, IL after I got my master degree of Acupuncture and Oriental medicine. My main job there was to wean patients off the medication with acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Almost everyday, we would see patients with rare diseases which were claimed to be no cure with medications. But we were able to help these people with our treatments! From there, I experienced even deeper the responsibilities as being a healthcare practitioner. And I also witnessed more of what acupuncture and Chinese herbs can do!

Fours years later, I decided to start a practice of my own. I strive for treating all of my patients with integrity, professional skill and a kind heart.




background :
Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
National board certified acupuncturist, Herbalist and Oriental Medicine practitioner(NCCAOM.,No.026655)
Licensed acupuncturist (Illinois, Texas)
Licensed Chinese herbalist (Texas)
"The most successful significant alumni"award from TCTCM (Texas College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2006)

work experience:

2007-current downtown Austin, TX director/practitioner of AppleCare Acupuncture
2008 Lakeway, Austin director of AppleCare Acupuncture and Wellness
2005-2007 Chicago, IL working at the whole life center with Dr. Lorene, MD