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  • why choose applecare acupuncture?
    • + As both a Chinese Medicine and an Acupuncture practitioner, YuPingr combines Eastern and Western natural medicine, so you get the best of both worlds with treatments tailor-made for you
    • + Because YuPIng has studied under strict guidance from MD’s, she can explain useful Chinese Medicine concepts in a way that makes sense to traditional western thinking.
    • + We take the time you need. YuPing takes the time to listen and thoroughly understand your health issues and concerns and provide you with a detailed consultation and personalized treatment plan.
    • +Satisfied patients and wonderful experiences.
    • and much more

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sigature packages

imgautumn embracing $399

the embracing autimn package is on sale for $399. It includes once a week of acupuncture and yoga/medition session based on your body type, for three weeks. It's perfect for people who have been exhausted from the summer busy schedule. Its also ideal for who may be suffering from winter seasonal depression as a form of preventitive treatment.

imgsimply cleansing $459

Regularly to Maintain Bowel, Liver & Kidney Health. Stress, poor-eating or environmental pollution could cause toxin build-up in your body. It may affects the functioning of the colon, liver, and kidneys resulting in overall poor health.

This is a 4 week long program which includes:
1. cleansing acupuncture treatment once a week
2. Chinese herbal cleansing tea
3. complimentary MEAD testing. MEAD measures the body's energy flow and detect the blockages in the body. Since everybodyhas a specific body type, with the help of MEAD, we will be able to focus on the area may be causing you problems more effectively.

imglittle getaways $399

give your self a sweet gift to retreat, relax and recharge. This package includes 4 sessiouns of 60 minute stresss free acupuncture with personalized essential oil relaxation aromatherapy treatments.

its a perfect gift for you and your loved ones.