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Your first appointment will take about two hours. Our new patients may receive a complementary Bio-Energy Assesment Exam if needed. This procedure combines the exhaustive Ryodoraku research with the latest biomedical technologies from Japan and Germany with a team of medical experts from both eastern and western medicine. It provides us a detailed outline of body mechanics and functions.


During the first consultation, YuPing will take your detailed medical history and exam results, perform Chinese medicine pulse and tongue analysis then discuss with you specific treatment/therapy plans. Your visit will conclude with a prescription of Chinese Herbal Medicine. These medications are generally either taken internally or applied externally.



Each subsequent appointment will only take about one hour. We may perform a follow-up Meridian Electric Analysis again to ensure your body receives the maximum benefit from the treatment. Although relief is often felt on the very first treatment, follow-up appointments are necessary to ensure the root problem is being addressed. Curing your problem and prevent it from coming back is our primary goal, which may require a series of acupuncture treatments



BioFeedback Electric Technology
Bio-Energy Analysis Device
Premium Disposible Needles
Korean PAINFREE Magnetic Needles
Infrared Heating Lamp



YuPing also does telephone consultation for followup patients. We have patients from across the United States, as well as in Europe and Asia. A consultation time will be arranged for you to discuss with Yuping your condition just as in a standard appointment, however your treatment will be primarily through prescribed herbs. We normally mail your herbs prescribed to you through USPS priority service that same day.

*Herbal medications prescribed to you after your treatment are critical to your recovery. The cost of your herbs is an additional charge to your initial consultation as well as follow-up visits. Although they are a naturally derived product, they are PRESCRIPTION ONLY, and cannot be obtained over-the-counter. The AppleCare clinic cannot ensure treatment results if alternative medications are used.

**Treatments in addition to, or as an alternative to acupuncture may be administered depending on your specific needs. As they require the practitioner's time and skill, a cost in addition to your acupuncture treatment and prescribed herbs will apply.